Transform your cabinets with Grand Rapids’ premier cabinet refinishing company. TNC Painting offers friendly service, quality workmanship, and outstanding results!

Who We Are

TNC Painting is a local Grand Rapids refinishing company owned and operated by Troy and Nicole, a husband and wife duo. We specialize in cabinet refinishing and have a unique approach to painting and staining that yields beautiful and lasting results. Our customers love the quality of our work, with many of them returning for future projects.
We take great pride in producing professional quality work and providing excellent customer service from start to finish. We are committed to being communicative, punctual, and clean throughout the entire process. With over 25 years of experience between us, you can trust TNC Painting to make your cabinets look like new!

Our Services


Transform your old cabinets into something new and beautiful. TNC Painting experts can make it happen!


Give your home a refreshed look. We guarantee professional and exceptional results every time!


Make your kitchen dreams come true! Our team will make your kitchen transformation easy and stress-free.


Bring new life to your kitchen cabinets with a shiny, refreshed finish. We use industrial-grade coating to help you achieve the look you want in no time.

Interior Painting

Transform your home with a fresh coat of paint. We can also help you choose the appropriate color for your space, as well as prep the surfaces thoroughly.

Kitchen Remodeling

Get the kitchen of your dreams without the hassle and the stress. Trust our crew to work with you and design a functional and stylish kitchen that fits your needs.

Cabinet Refacing

TNC Painting can change the look of your kitchen with a reface. We offer new doors, hardware and soft close hinges and drawer slides. If your kitchen needs a color change but also just seems dated and feels old this is the best way to get a new kitchen feel without the big price tag of a full remodel. Contact us for more details and a free estimate!



Our Process

Here at TNC Painting, we follow an established, reliable process to ensure that all of our clients are 100% satisfied. Our team understands the importance of quality work and will go above and beyond to meet your expectations.


We begin by removing all doors & drawer fronts from boxes and labeling them properly. We cover the area to protect floors and prepare surfaces for painting. We then use cleansers and degreasers to ensure that all dirt, grease, and grime is removed for optimal paint adhesion.


Using a surf-prep sander and 150-180 grit sanding pad, we scuff sand all surfaces. This allows us to get into corners and remove dirt in hard to reach areas. We then vacuum off any remaining dust before wiping down with a tack cloth or microfiber towel.


We set up the area with paper and plastic protection before applying two coats of primer. We fill any nail holes and imperfections with bondo or wood filler before spraying at least two rounds of finish coat. Finally, we carefully remove all plastic and paper from the kitchen area.

Doors & Drawer Fronts

We take extra care when completing doors & drawer fronts in our off-site shop location. After cleaning and sanding, we apply primer, fill any imperfections, sand again, then apply two rounds of finish coat. Once dry, the doors are carefully transported back to the job site for re-installation using existing or new hardware.


You may have some questions about our services, and we’re here to help. Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.

We disassemble the doors & drawer fronts from the boxes. The doors & drawer fronts will be taken to our off-site shop location to be prepped & painted.Then we do a thorough cleaning of the boxes, followed by a scuff sanding on everything to ensure a good bond. The entire area is then prepped for spraying- the countertops, floors, walls, etc will be protected. We do 1-2 coats of primer on everything, followed by 1-2 coats of our top coat. We complete everything on site first and then do the doors & drawer fronts at our shop. On the final day, we bring the doors & drawer fronts back and re-assemble them.
To ensure a quality & durable finish, we do a very thorough prep to the boxes, doors, and drawer fronts prior to painting them. First, we clean everything, then we scuff sand, and then we use a quality primer to ensure our finish holds up to normal wear and tear.
Absolutely! We recommend cleaning with a gentle dish soap (dawn, etc) and warm water. We do not recommend any abrasive cleaners which can eat away at the finish of the paint.
An average kitchen takes approximately 5-6 business days. It usually takes 3 days on site, followed by 2-3 days at our shop for the doors & drawer fronts. On the final day, the doors & drawer fronts are re-assembled on site and hardware is put back on.
The doors & drawer fronts are disassembled from the boxes on day 1 and taken to our off-site shop to be cleaned, prepped, and painted.
There is no need to completely empty your cabinets. Any items you may need while the boxes are being painted should be removed, as well as any valuable or breakable items.
Yes. Any color you choose can be used in our top coat. We want to help you obtain your dream kitchen, so the sky is the limit!
If you want to replace hardware that will not line up with the existing holes, we can fill them so you can start fresh. If you’d like new holes to be drilled for you, we can do that as well. We also can help with new hinges if you’re interested in replacing those.
No. Everything including the boxes, doors, and drawer fronts are sprayed to provide you with a “factory-like” finish.
We actually use an industrial-grade cabinet coating rather than paint. Our coating is both water and chemical resistant which doesn’t break down like paint or lacquer. We have refinished many types of cabinets and it has always held up amazingly!

Experience Premier Cabinet Refinishing in Grand Rapids

Don’t settle for ordinary cabinet refinishing. Our commitment to excellence is what makes us the best in the business. We at TNC Painting always take our time to ensure that every step of the cabinet refinishing process is done with care and attention to detail. Contact us today for a free quote!

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